Inward Collection

A collection designed and built from the desire to work from a centerpoint.

All objects focus on returning to their center. By doing this, in combination with only mechanical construction methods, a new form-language appeared.

Fitted with a custom candle holder, which brings the same feeling up to a higher level.

Interested in one of these objects? Please send an email for options and pricing.


Glaring Elements

Stained-glass has a special quality, the quality to break light naturally.

This breaking creates an atmospheric glare in the room.
The combination of materials within the lamps allowes it

to project glares on the ceilings and walls in its surrounding,

Which makes it a charismatic object in the modern home.

Interested in one of these objects? Please send an email for options and pricing.

Foto 16-89

Manureality 1.0

Furniture collection, ( DAE graduation series 2018 )

The become more sustainable in the future, Studio Tinus believes that we have to back to the basics. As a society we have to act in a more primitive way of living to be able to become more sustainable in the future.

Martijn Straatman created this philosophy as a result of his research which lead to the project: Manureality.

Within this research Studio Tinus investigated traditional construction techniques out of Africa, South-America and Asia. It proved to be that all sorts of manure are and ideal building material for construction. After researching all types of manure and fibre sources, Martijn decided that horse manure had the best quality of them all.

After his findings Martijn asked himself the question: If this material is perfect to build with, why don’t we use this in our interior?

This material supposed to have similar properties to chipboard or MDF, but with and ecological approach. In the end the materials which I created proved to be way more versatile.

It is made up of 80 percent manure, gypsum, water and degradable glue that are mixed, pressed into a mould and allowed to dry.
Manureality is a project to set and example and to start the conversation about how to create a sustainable future.

Manureality 2.0

Lamp collection

Manureality 2.0 is the following product collection of Manureality 1.0.
Where the 1.0 series focused on making a statement about re-using the unusual within interior design, 2.0 is focused on commercial products.

The new range of lamps are designed towards the bending properties of the Manureality material.

With the new collection Studio Tinus focused more on the consumer, a lamp is a secondary product within your interior, you don’t touch it every day and it should make the acceptance of the material easier within your home.
The collection contains a big overhead lamp and two versions of a new design called the 3quarter lamp. A small hang lamp and a table lamp are contributing to the 3 quarter lamp series.